Thursday, 19 March 2009

Aaron Ghost-Ramses

Ma fy nghydweithrediad efo Wes White ar gael i'r byd i gyd i weld ar wefan Two Heads. Rwan!
Sgrifenodd Wes stori fer wych-wallgo am feics pedal a'r dylanwad ma pobl hollol ddiarth yn gallu cal ar fywyd rhywun.  Nes i neud llunia o feics i gyd-fynd.  Da ni'n bwriadu gneud chydig o brints...
Yn ogystal, dwi'n bwriadu cadw'r weithrediad yn fyw efo cwpwl o bosteri mawr fydd yn ymddangos rwla yn Manceinion mis nesa. 

My collaboration with Wes White for his Two Heads project can now be viewed on the Two Heads website.  During February he wrote a short story "inspired by bicycles and by the effects that people unknown to us can have on our lives."  I drew some bicycles.  We plan on making some prints so check back if you'd like one.
It doesn't end there, I'm currently working on a big poster (or two) inspired by Wes' story. These will be appearing somewhere in Manchester next month.


Wes White said...

The site is down, gah! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. But got lots of views in the first couple of days it was up already, hooray!

I'll leave another comment when I know it's back up. Sorry everyone..

Wes White said...

back, happily!